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OD Hunte Music and Film Launches Artist Development Programme

As the industry becomes more reliant on artists undertaking their own development through to track radio play, placements and video production, OD Hunte has embraced this shift by developing an artist development programme including music and video packages and a separate music and video package. OD has launched an artist development and content creation programme which will create a package over the course of 3 months of content including original tracks, original music videos, studio covers, one-take videos of covers, behind the scenes photos, professional photo shoots and branding to be used as the basis for a fan building or promotional campaign to build an artists' career. Tracks may be used for Radio, Synch, Live performances, TV distribution and online distribution.

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MTV Brand New Hollas at Lawrence Sibanda for OD Hunte Produced Track

MTV Brand New Hollas at Lawrence Sibanda for OD Hunte Produced Track

Why Unsigned Artists Need to Work With A Great Producer

The music industry is in unchartered waters. One thing holds true however; that labels are taking less risks on artists and artists now have more power than ever to take control of their careers. The advent of the internet, YouTube and cover videos, MP3s, reality TV shows, games and media consumption in general have changed the business model dramatically. Although every situation, label or artist is different, one truthful generalisation is that labels want to jump on a moving train; they want some action or artist-created-buzz before they commit to signing an artist.