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OD Hunte set to "Inspire" with Songwriting Competion

Singer/Songwriter? Fancy winning a Film and TV synch publishing deal and a chance to be in a music video?

OD Hunte Music productions is running a competition to find a singer/songwriter to feature on the EDM backing track  "Inspire" which is currently signed to a London synch company. Entrants are required to write and record their song and send it in to be judged. The winning artist will have their version recorded, mixed and produced by OD Hunte and will also have the option to feature in the music video which will be used for promotion and possible inclusion on portals such as VEVO. The winning entry will be used for placement in Film and TV as the songwriter will win a one-off publishing agreement with the Film and TV synch company involved.
To enter simply: 

1. Tweet @odhunte "Downloading Your track, Inspire"
2. Listen to the track on sound cloud https://soundcloud.com/odhunte/inspire-odhunte
3. Download "Inspire" from  from
https://odhunte.bandcamp.com/track/inspire  . Click BUY NOW. Enter "0" for the price. Enter your email and follow the instructions.
4. Record your song
5. Send your song to the OD Hunte Dropbox

Entry Rules:
1. The publishing for the competing songwriter(s) must be available as the winning entry must sign the publishing to the film and TV company.
2. Entrants may be from anywhere in the world but the winner will be responsible for their own transport to London for recording, the video shoot and any related activities.
3. There are no age restrictions.

Written and Produced by OD Hunte
All instruments, recording, mixing by OD Hunte

The deadline for submissions is November 4th 2013 with the winning entry to be announced by November 8th.