OD Hunte | London | Producer Platinum Writer | Mixer | Remixer


Have you got song, track, artist or music industry questions you need answers to? With over 10 years experience as an professional independent music producer/writer/ engineer and over 20 years as a writer OD Hunte is well placed to offer creative, technical and business advice on aspects of the Music industry to aspiring artists looking for an edge and to progress their careers particularly in the UK.

Book a private consultation with OD Hunte via Skype or in person. Consultations last 1 hour.

What do you think of my song?
How can I improve my mix?
How do I go about promoting myself?
Where can I find management?
How can I get a publishing deal?
How can I get my song into film and TV?

Once payment has been received you will be contacted to set up an appointment time and date.